Three peace activists sentenced to prison


The judge imposed sentences that were lower than what the government requested. He said before sentencing that “the guidelines do not distinguish saboteurs (…) from peace protesters who intend change.” They already have each served 8 ½ months in prison while awaiting sentencing. Their action was justified as a civil resistance against the maintenance of a stockpile of immoral and costly weapons that violate international laws. They splashed human blood and spray-painted biblical messages on the outside of a building that warehouses an estimated 400 tons of highly enriched uranium. “To remain in prison for the rest of my life would be the greatest honor for me” said one of the convicted, the sister Megan Rice.
The protester’s intrusion shut down operations at the site of the nuclear plant for two weeks and exposed a glitch-ridden security system that costs however $150 million a year. The WSI Oak Ridge which provided the security guards lost its contract.


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