Two skiers killed in a Colorado avalanche


The two killed skiers were part of a group of seven. The reported injuries from the other included a broken leg, a broken ankle , a possible broken rib and a collapsed lung, according to authorities.
The Colorado Avalanche Information Center has issued warnings before the accident. “We are seeing very dangerous avalanche conditions developing from basically the new Mexico border north to Wyoming”, they said, explaining that is about “unusual conditions” in the Rocky Mountains.
It was a string of deadly snow-slides that killed six people in the last seven days, in Colorado, Utah and Oregon. Since 1960, in Colorado were 259 avalanche fatalities. January, February and March are the deadliest months. “Taking an avalanche education course would be really, really helpful. Being fully prepared with proper equipment, proper clothing, food, water and beacons” said in a statement Susan Matthew, a spokesman for the Lake County Office of Emergency Management.


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