Family reaches settlement with hospital over bathroom death


Bonnie Atkins, her mother, took Christina to the ER with a possible urinary tract infection. The girl was asked to provide an urine sample and was directed to the restroom. The locked bathroom was about to be the place where the girl would meet her end. She experienced respiratory difficulty and the Hospital staff failed to open the door in time to save the girl. While some hospital workers finally located the key after more than 10 minutes the girl was in a poor state of health. She died two days later.

James P. Hall, Atkinses' hired attorney, had the following to say: "The parents and siblings miss Christina a great deal. But they're trying to take this loss and build from it and keep her spirit alive. Her death might ultimately save lives around the country."

This is exactly what happened. While the relatives of Christina Atkins, who was in the ninth grade when she died, agreed to take a monetary compensation. At the same time they pressured Delaware lawmakers to pass and then adopt a bill that would force hospitals to grant quick access to bathroom keys to their staff. 


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