A gas pipeline explosion in Kentucky left a big crater


The pipeline is owned by Columbia Gulf Transmission. It runs about 20 feet underground from the Gulf of Mexico to New York. The company said in a statement that the cause of the blast wasn’t yet determined. The immediate influence of the incident may be exacerbating as it is already rising natural gas prices at the time of the winter storm.
The explosion was a big one. It sent huge rocks at about 150 feet from the blast site, according to Kentucky Emergency Management director Greg Thomas. Now, a 60 feet deep crater was left on the place of impact. Emergency crews arrived on the scene during the night and not all the consequences were evaluated. The pipeline was shut off in both directions but the excess gas was still burning. The gas company is taking charge of the cleanup. Three homes were set on fire and two of them burned to the ground. Another 20 nearby homes were evacuated. A state of emergency was declared in Adair County. The American Red Cross delivered food and support to the emergency workers and to the victims. The appropriate authorities will conduct a complete investigation.


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