Guidelines to protect against cyber attacks released for the companies in the US


However, the hope is that respecting such rules will reduce the cyber threats which “pose one of the greatest national security dangers that the United States faces”, the President Obama said in a statement.. He also added the following to better explain:
“America’s economic prosperity, national security and our individual liberties depend on our commitment to securing cyberspace and maintaining an open, interoperable, secure and reliable Internet.”
No incentives or penalties are included in the guidelines developed by the National Institute of Standards and technology and some security experts believe that the companies possibly need some attractive facilities to implement them. “Generally fines and other penalties are about the only thing that gets companies to fix their security” said Phil Lieberman, chief executive of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles.
The effect of the new guidelines is expected to come in two years, when federal agencies will update their regulations in concordance.


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