Woman convicted of brutal murder was executed in Texas


Basso made no final statement.
She was convicted of brutal murder because in 1998, acting with five others, she beat and killed a man, Louis Musso, 59, for his money and his life insurance, after promising to marry him. The victim was beaten with baseball bats, belts and steel-toed boots. His body was unrecognizable and was found dumped near Houston. The death for Suzanne Basso had been reconfirmed several times. Before the execution, the lawyers representing Basso filed an application with the US Supreme Court seeking a stay. They used arguments to prove that she is not mentally competent. “She is delusional. She has been diagnosed with at least six different disorders over time” wrote the attorney who filed the petition but the appeal was denied.
Other countries where the death penalty applies are: India, Sri Lanka, Russia, South Korea and the Caribbean nations of the St. Kitts and Nevis.



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