A woman fugitive from prison found after 37 years in Michigan


The fugitive Judy Lynn Hayman, who was in prison in 1977 serving time for attempted theft, was found living under an alias in San Diego. When she escaped from the Ypsilanti prison she was about halfway through a minimum of 1 ½ years for attempting to steal clothes from a Detroit store.
After nearly four decades, her eyes matched the eyes from the old picture. At the police station, where she was taken, Judy Lynn Hayman, actually known as Jamie Lewis, acknowledged her real identity. She must be returned now to prison to finish the at its maximum term of two years. Authorities would decide whether additional charges related to the escape are filed. “We don’t have the ability to say it’s been a long time, you’re free to go” said Tuesday the spokesman of the Corrections Department in Michigan.
Judy Lynn Hayman has now a 32 year old son who was surprised to find this story from his mother’s past life.


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