Student’s pants caught on fire after sitting on an iPhone


The smart-phone manufactured by Apple began emitting smoke and the student suffered moderate burns before other students and her teacher could help her.

The teacher retrieved a blanket to smother the fire and other students came to help the girl as she tried to pull her pants down. The phone that was already visibly burnt eventually fell out of her pants. After the initial information about this incident was made available it is still unclear what iPhone model was to blame.  EMS Division Chief Andrew Palmeri explained that the iPhone most likely caught on fire due to the battery "shorting out" when the girl sat on the phone.

This is not the first time Apple products caught on fire. Some years ago a similar report of an iPhone 4 catching fire on an Australian flight was made public. Of course there are also other reports of some iPhone 4 models catching on fire while charging but these incidents could have been caused by the use of non-original Apple chargers. Apple did not yet comment on this incident but to the company's defence such an outcome can be seen in any electronic device as crushing a powered device could cause an electrical short which can result in starting a small fire.


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