Report show America could be facing a beer crisis


Five years ago 2.9 million cases of beer were sold for the duration of an entire year and in 2012 only 2.78 million cases. For 2013 the number was slightly higher: 2.79 million cases but such small fluctuations can have various causes. The study points out that among the culprits baby boomers are also to blame. Many of them don't drink as much as they did in the past. Furthermore the study shows that young Americans have changed their drinking habits.

People younger than 30 used to represent 71% of people drinking beer in 1992-1994. This percentage dropped tp 41% from 2012 to 2013. However, a different study for the same period shows that the sales of wine and liquor rose with 10 percent or more.

It seems companies such as Bud will have to do a lot of persuading once they roll out splashy commercials during the Super Bowl. And speaking of this be sure not to miss Budweiser's latest Super Bowl ad: "Puppy Love". See how a puppy befriends a Clydesdale here.


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