Family in prison for starving and humiliating their girl


The young girls made a shocking statement to investigators: “They made me feel like I was dehumanized a lot. It’s all thanks to my stupid dad and stepmom for not giving me an education and keeping me locked up for most of my life and making me feel like I was in a scary spot in my life.” She declared other horrific things resulting that she was forced to eat her feces and drink her own urine, being sexually abused by oral sex with his brother at the command of her stepmom. She was repeatedly beaten by the stepmom. In such circumstances, the stepmother was sentenced to five years in prison and his brother will be judged soon on sexual assault. The name of the family was not disclosed ,to help keeping the girl’s identity unknown.
Even though this is not a principle of law, judge Julie Genovese said in court that the parents stole five years of the girl’s life and they will now have to give up five years of their lives.


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