Marijuana legalization encounters resistance in the US


Clark County and Pierce are other areas motivated to maintain interdiction on marijuana. Fresno County, in California, banned all marijuana cultivation. Lawmakers in Oregon plan to allow municipalities to restrict or prohibit medical marijuana. Dozens of local governments including Colorado Springs, in Colorado, have prohibited marijuana commerce.
Hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenues from marijuana sales were anticipated by state governments and this can become an uncovered illusion if communities will continue to oppose it. The campaigners against drugs contend that the potential health risks of marijuana have not been adequately explored especially for juveniles. “In some ways I think the best thing that could have happened to the anti-legalization movement was legalization, because I think it shows people the ugly side”, said a former drug policy adviser to President Obama, Kevin A. Sabet. Drug Enforcement Agency expressed alarm that marijuana use and access are spreading too rapidly.


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