Instagram page triggers lawsuit against its creators


According to Tingle Esquivel her daughter has been bullied in person at school by several students for more than a year. However, only in recent weeks did she begin getting cyber-bullied. When one student created an Instagram page called "2014 Klein Hoes" little Esquivel along with many other girls became the target of different explicit sexual comments and vulgarities. The Instagram page in question picked up a lot of followers ending up with almost 900 people publicly following it during the weeks it was alive.

All the girls that were cyber-bullied suffered a lot and many even cried and got depressed. The parents of the attacked teens are now suing all the students involved in the Instagram page creation and maintenance and their parents. The teens are accused of libel and their parents of negligence. One of the lawyers involved in this case explained the following: "It’s really an issue of principle. We're being super-aggressive about it, because this behaviour really needs to stop"


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