The FBI arrested five, charged for Lufthansa big heist in 1978


This inspired Martin Scorsese for the film “Goodfellas.” The first indications emerged for the FBI last summer at the New York home of James Burke, the suspected mastermind of the big robbery. Burke died in prison, in 1996, being incarcerated for the murder of a drug dealer. The five men arrested are associated with the New York’s Bonnano family according to an official information. Vincent Asaro, 78 years old, his son Jerome Asaro, 55 years old, Thomas DiFiore, 70 years old, John Ragano, 52 years old and Jack Bonventre (age unclear) are organized crime captains. All five suspects were living in New York.
In 1978, the gunmen invaded the airline’s cargo terminal and stole the untraceable money returned to the US from in US currency.
A federal court will decide in their case. This is a real victory of the DBI against the organized crime in the US.


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