Cockroaches presence caused the temporarily closure of three California chicken plant


416 people in 23 states were affected, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “Illnesses were linked to Foster Farms brand chicken through epidemiological , laboratory and trace back investigations conducted by local, state and federal officials”, said  USDA in a related release.
No other Foster Farms facilities were affected and no more products. Foster Farms is implementing now new food safety measures. Their products are sold mainly on the West Coast. The company’s CEO appreciated that the salmonella outbreak previously caused sales to drop about 25 percent in the last part of 2013.
According to the USDA, American ate about 83 pounds chicken per person in 2013. Producing chicken in safe conditions is a need. The presence of cockroaches is dangerous because they are known as carrying viruses and bacteria, including salmonella


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