A man was fatally shot because he texted at a Florida movie theater


Chad Oulson, 43, was asked by another moviegoer, Curtis Reeves, a retired Tampa police officer, to stop texting on his cell phone. Reeves became upset and left the auditorium, presumably to get a manager. He returned in a few minutes and continued the altercation. But not for more temps. Suddenly, Reeves fired his weapon striking Nicole Oulson, 33, in the hand, and her husband in the chest. Somebody retained the gunman until police arrived. The victim could tell “I was just texting my daughter, my 3-year-old daughter. I can’t believe I got shot.” He died in a short time at the hospital. His wife was released after treatment.
“The safety, security and comfort of our guests and team members are always out top priorities and we are truly heartbroken by this incident”, transmitted Cobb Theatres representatives. However mass shootings in privately owned public places are becoming common in cities across the United States.


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