Man sent to jail because of Google+ invite request


But his ex-girlfriend didn't hesitate and once she saw this email from Gagnon she went directly to the Police and complained that the man was violating his restraining order. As a result Thomas Gagnon was arrested with a $500 bail. A hearing in the case was scheduled for February 6.

Neil Hourihan, Gagnon's lawyer, explained that not only did Gagnon not send the invitation request but that he did not know it was sent in the first place and nor did he agree with Google to send any such invites on his behalf. This implied accusation against Google raised comments of different Internet privacy experts. Recognized expert on Internet privacy Attorney Bradley Shear agreed that it might be possible Gagnon is telling the truth. 

Shear also provided the press with a link towards a Google product forum from 2011 and 2012 where some users were reporting the same problem of automatic invitations without their consent. Google did not yet release a public statement regarding this case.


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