Temperatures not seen in years, in the US and Canada


“If you’re under 40 years old you’ve not seen this stuff before” say older people to their families. If the wind is present, the temperature could plunge 60 or even 70 degrees below zero. Many people were not prepared for such weather conditions. Several public manifestations were cancelled. Minnesota cancelled school, Monday, for the entire state, for the first time in 17 years. Thermometers plunged to 15 below in Chicago, 10 below in Indianapolis and 19 below in Madison before the wind starts. Chicago city hit a record low of minus 16 degree Fahrenheit, the coldest temperature in about two decades in the city.
Officials warned residents. “It’s going to get very cold, very quickly”, communicated Mayor de Blasio in the New York City. Meteorologists warned that the cold will persist for at least 15 days even the temperature will rise slowly.


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