Man from New York finally charged after 7 knock-out assaults


According to Police reports the man attacked 6 more people in December 2013. On December 7 he punched a twenty year old woman in the head and between 21 and 27 of December he attacked the rest of his victims. The Brooklyn resident is now charged with the following hate crimes: six counts of harassment, six counts of assault and with many other crimes for his different attacks from the period November 9 – December 27. He mainly attacked people from Jewish sections of Brooklyn.

Hate crime detectives regularly checked the places where the previously reported attacks took place and looked for the man. They finally arrested Barry Baldwin on December 29. In the month of October alone, more than 9 suspected "knock-out" attacks have been reported in New York. Police however said that there is no evidence of a trend. However, authorities from New Jersey, Illinois, Washington, Missouri and Connecticut have also reported similar incidents.


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