Dangerous weekend for millions of Americans due to the snow storm


The next arctic surge will arrive into the Northern Plains on Saturday. Millions people in the US were affected. 2,300 flights were cancelled Thursday and another 1,600, nationwide, on Friday, because the snow fall and low visibility. On public transportation, passengers had to wait longer for their train, subway or bus. The temperatures reached low levels, up to 29 degrees below zero. It’s estimated that the dangerously cold temperatures could cause frostbite in about 30 minutes or less. No death to be linked directly to the snow storm was reported but it was a collateral victim. A worker at a suburban Philadelphia salt storage facility was killed when a 100 foot pile of road salt felt and crushed him. He was operating a backhoe.
The highways in the New York state closed overnight being prepared to reopen both for passenger and commercial vehicles. The storm is a first test run for the New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. He proved already vigilance dispatching hundreds of plows and salt spreaders on the streets. Fortunately, no major power outages have been yet reported.
During the weekend, around 100 million Americans will be averted by the storm warning.


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