Twelve-year-old saves family from fire thanks to gaming marathon


He paused his game and went down-stairs to check what was going on. The boy reported that the smell was coming from the kitchen where the ice-machine caught on fire. Alerted by the smoke he saw in the kitchen he had a brief attempt to put the fire out. With no success Jaxxyn ran upstairs and woke his family: father, mother and sisters. They evacuated the home.

The Wood's called 911. Firefighters unfortunately arrived after the fire spread to the kitchen and dining areas. The home suffered smoke damage but the fire was contained and the Wood family still have a home to live in. Jaxxyn, who is only 11 years old, soon to be 12, is now hailed as a hero. The boy said he remembered what he was taught in school regarding fires. A fireman told them that "if there's ever a fire there's most likely gonna be smoke in the air" The boy continued: “So you want to duck down and … get everyone you can and get out."


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