Another judge issued yet another decision regarding the legality of NSA’s surveillance program


The Judge William Pauley from New York argued that the action of the NSA “represents the government’s counter-punch” to eliminate al-Qaeda by connecting fragmented and fleeting communication. In fact, this is identically sustained even from Moscow, by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, a few days ago. The decision of the Judge William Pauley added as an argument that “there is no evidence fir the Government has used any of the bulk telephony metadata collected for any purpose other than investigating and disrupting terrorist attacks.
The reactions followed illustrating the dual aspects:
"We are pleased with the decision," , said the Justice Department’s spokesman.
"We are extremely disappointed with this decision, which misinterprets the relevant statutes, understates the privacy implications of the government's surveillance and misapplies a narrow and outdated precedent to read away core constitutional protections," said Jameel Jaffer, ACLU deputy legal director.


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