Deadly shooting before Christmas, with an AK-47, in Tupelo


In fact, a masked gunman armed with an AK-47 entered Ban-CorpSouth’s Gloster Creek Village branch and demanded money. The Seargent Gale Stauffer and another officer responded when police forces were called. They arrived on the scene and the robber opened fire. Gale Stauffer was killed.
Tupelo Mayor, Jason Shelton, expressed the goal to capture the gunman to be punished. “The law enforcement is leaving no stone unturned. They’re out following every lead and certainly just pray that the fugitives can be captured” he said. The reward for information leading to the arrest of the shooter was fixed to just over $150,000, with the participation of some local businesses.
Tupelo is the seventh-largest city of the Mississipi state. The city is best known as the birthplace of Elvis Presley.


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