Teen dies on board of Delta Air Lines Flight Saturday morning


Shortly after this the plane's passengers were announced via intercom that there's an emergency. The air-plane which was scheduled to fly from Seattle to Atlanta was diverted to do an emergency landing to Spokane. There, at the gate, emergency technicians waited at the gate.

According to an aircraft passenger the boy that died had this condition before but family members declared the was in a good condition to fly. Before the plane got to land to Spokane the 16-year old teen was carried to the back of the plane where flight attendants attempted to save his life. The boy unfortunately died and an autopsy is pending to see whether he was indeed able to fly in his condition.

As for the 258 other passengers on board, made arrangements to fly them to Atlanta. The plane was initially scheduled to land in Atlanta at 4 p.m. but now it is estimated that it will land there Sunday midnight.


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