Kohl’s shooting: Shoplifter tries to flee scene dragging Chicago Police officer


The suspects were caught thanks to another police officer that fired and managed to hit the driver of the car in the arm. The 52 year old driver remained to this day hospitalized. This incident follows a similar one in Romeoville, Kohl. The department store from the suburb located just 30 miles southwest of Chicago was the scene of another suspect chase. Shoplifters were reported to the Police just after 22:00 on Thursday. 

A Police patrol car arrived just in time to see the suspect exit the store. As the man jumped into his car the Police officer managed to grab him but the suspect closed the door hauling the officer with him. In a news conference Chief Police Officer Mark Turvey said: "The officer was dragged quite some distance," The police officer injured his right shoulder but is currently in a stable condition thanks to his partner who managed to shoot the driver in his left arm.


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