Printing guns in the 3D technology prohibited in Philadelphia


In fact, every person can buy a 3D printer and some special printing materials. Using an Internet connection, the plan can be downloaded and those are all the necessary steps to produce 3D-printed guns. Plans to build 3D handguns can be found online. The US State Department demanded that the blueprint offered by a soft-maker as a nonprofit project to be removed, but the plans had been downloaded more than 100,000 times.
“This is an extremely serious problem” Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement.
The Councilman Kenyatta Johnson was the author of the legislation voted unanimously last week in the Philadelphia’s City Council, prohibiting the use of 3D printers to create any firearm or any piece thereof, unless the person possesses a license to manufacture firearms. Violators could face fines up to $2,000, in the first instance.
It is expected that the major cities in the US will follow soon Philadelphia's example.


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