American authorities concerned to stop the ”Knockout Game”


The state Assemblymen Jim Tedisco, a Republican, has proposed a bill asking to classify the knockout game attacks as gang assaults, requiring to consider the youths involved in such bad actions as adults, facing prison terms up to 25 years. “Life isn’t a video game. (…) These twisted and cowardly thugs are preying on innocent bystanders and they don’t care if the victims are young, old, a man or a woman”, said Tedisco to journalists.
In the New York City, the authorities send a message of “zero tolerance” and the police increased crackdowns on the alleged perpetrators. The psychology of those who commit such attacks is labile, specialists told. They drew attention to the fact that adolescents 13 to 14 years old were involved in such incidents frequently, suggesting that there is a significant gap in their education.


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