Predictions for Black Friday, the most expected event of the week


Probably more aggressive offers will be present and consumers will see more bargains. As a direct consequence, it’s about more sales, even online. As the analysts say, computers and electronics will continue to be a major attraction. But there will still be some differences. Smartphones are expected to replace GPS and MP3 players in buyers’ preferences. Probably iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s will dominate. Other products at the top of the prediction’s list are the TVs, but only large TVs and 3DTVs. Tablets and eReaders will make a deal. Amazon & Samsung are expected to cut prices on Kindle Fire and Galaxy tablets and even for Kindle Fire HDX. Laptops and computers will have probably Intel Core i3 and 14.1 inch display, equipped with 4Gb RAM and a 320 GB HDD. GPS AND MP3s will be probably represented by Nextar GPS Navigator or TomTom GPS. The Microsoft XBOX 360 console and Nintendo Wii will be present in different variations. For women, fashion will continue to fascinate them with apparel, shoes and accessories.


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