A man built a 12 meter statue in order to hurt his ex-wife


Now, when his ex-wife has a new boyfriend, Markovitz has bought and moved into a home that it’s next door to their house. Some people will think that Markovitz was so jealous that he didn’t want to get rid of his ex's eyes. Maybe this can be true. But the man implemented another, unexpected plan. He placed a 12 meter statue of a middle finger in his back yard, pointing toward his ex-wife and her new boyfriend.
This was so shocking  that a television took an interview of Markovitz. They proved that he is a humoristic man giving misleading answers. A last question was about the legality of Markovotz’s hoax. Legal analysts concluded that unless a law or ordinance prevents middle finger statues to be illegal, it’s nothing wrong with Mr. Markovitz and his big statue. Laws can’t predict what the human imagination can produce.



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