The honor of Miss Teen USA was defended by the FBI


Abrahams, a college freshman computer scientist, had victims of the United States, Canada, Ireland, Russia and Moldova. He was watching victims changing their clothes after infecting the computers and remotely operating their web-enabled cameras. He personally knew his first victims. He graduated from Great Oak High School in 2012, the same high school that Cassidy Wolf attended.
Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf alerted authorities of a change in her Facebook password and an sextortion demand. It was a practice for Abrahams to contact the victims using AOL accounts, sending them some nude images taken months before and asking them to send him other nude images or videos or doing for him, for five minutes, on Skype, what he said. Many girls were obliged to strip during the Skype sessions.
He intended to make Cassidy Wolf to appear to the public as a porn star.
In the practice of justice, other people with similar guilt as Jared James Abrahams were sentenced at least 10 years in federal prison. But declaring himself guilty he could face only up to two years in prison.
The FBI Have Been on to Abrahams Since March 2013


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