Massive recall of food infested with E.coli, issued by Glass Onion Catering


The action began after 26 people in three states presented troubles due to a bacterial strain of E.coli linked to Glass Orion Catering products. The recall is for products from September 23 – November 6.
It’s important to say that Glass Orion Catering is also a supplier of food to Trader Joe’s. Super Fresh Goods and Delish.
The first illness cases were reported from California, after people consumed pre-packaged salads and grilled chicken. The symptoms of the manifested illness due to the bacteria are: dehydrating, bloody diarrhea and abdominal cramps. E.coli is a potentially deadly bacterium. Some people affected can develop a type of kidney failure, the hemolytic uremic syndrome.
On their website, Glass Onion Catering is self described as “a trusted source for prepackaged, grab and go gourmet foods since 1991."


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