13 Marines returning from Afghanistan were treated like heroes at the principal Chicago’s airport


After receiving the phone call, the old former Marine John Colas got on the phone with the police and the fire departments and not at least with the airline officials. They all contributed to prepare a surprise.
When it arrived at Chicago’s O’Hara International Airport, the plane having the 13 Marines between passengers taxied beneath an arch of water produced by the fire department as a “water salute.” Into the airport terminal, the Marines were met by a crowd of USO volunteers, firefighters, police officers and airport workers wishing them “Welcome home.” When they boarded another jet for San Diego, the American Airlines had for them six empty seats in the first class and seven persons jumped out of their seats to complete the places for all Marines group.
In a few words, they were treated like heroes but the emotional movement “contaminated” all the people around them and this is just one of the human’s capabilities to manifest.


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