NASA is dealing with an insect invasion

So called “crazy ants”, these little but dangerous insects are closing in on the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston. These ants are known being especially attracted to electrical junctions in HVAC units. They are a tiny but ferocious breed of insects due to destruction caused to the infrastructure, electric equipments, cars and buildings, forming big colonies from many little others connected by trails.

These insects are dispersed in the Southern United States and are advancing now to the American Southwest. They are the hardest to control. Traditional pesticides affect them very little and this is why scientists are working to find a way to combat them.
Fortunately, at this time the insects have not yet done significant damage to the NASA Space Center. But the danger is not underestimated. They do multiply very quickly. The extermination company currently working for NASA uses frequent application of multiple chemical products.
The crazy ant – Paratrechina longicornis – is also an agricultural pest with the ability to survive in highly disturbed and artificial areas. This species is not native to the United States and it is found in tropical cities worldwide being the most broadly distributed of any ant species. Apparently, this insect has preference for a high protein diet.