A mom and her four children were killed in a stabbing rampage


Their other brother Kevin, 5 years of age, was taken to the hospital in an ambulance together with his 37 year old mother Qiao Zhen Li. Unfortunately their health condition  was so critical that medics couldn't do more than just pronounce them dead.

A Police investigation is still on-going but the murder weapon was already found: the knife used to kill the innocent souls was recovered at the scene. Furthermore a man who currently is the main suspect has been taken into Police custody. Charges were not filed yet.

The whole neighborhood was shocked to hear and see what happened in the Sunset Park residence as the news was heartbreaking for the entire community. The 911 call was made just before 11 PM and emergency units were dispatched immediately. A large Chinese community has formed in the two-story brick buildings from the Sunset Park residential area. Right now it is hard to say if the man who killed the 5 people had something against someone from the community or if his attack was totally random.


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