“The Wind Syndrome” producers sued in the court


Sue Hobart and dozens of others in Cape Cod Town filed lawsuits . They are seeking between $150.000 and $300,000 because their homes lost value and they have to pay more medical bills.
Earlier, in 2009, a pediatrician at John Hopkins University self published “The Wind Syndrome” presenting cases of people who live within 1.25 miles of these wind turbines. However, "the wind turbine syndrome",  described, is not yet recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
On the other part, the owners and operators of the wind industrial-scale turbines affirm that “scientific research and studies have shown that wind turbines do not cause a nuisance or adverse health effects. They use as an argument the fact that an important quantity of energy is produced and insist affirming that this is a very clean ecologic and non polluting alternative.


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