A “nice”six foot alligator in front of the Apopka Walmart’s door in Florida


Apopko police was informed and after trying to lure the alligator they asked help from the state fish and wildlife officers. A skilled trapper finally arrived at the scene but the alligator was no longer at the mall. The alligator made its way to the nearby wooded area. Local authorities are convinced that the big reptile came from the lake. They looked around for it but nothing was found at this time. The search will be repeated. But before this it must be analyzed  if the animal (which seems not to avoid humans) must be relocated to a less populated area).
An alligator can grow at over 15 feet and over 990 lbs ( 450 kilograms). Alligators are native only to the United States and China. They are solitary territorial animals. Alligators are generally timid towards humans, but if they are stressed this can determine them to attack. In Florida it is illegal to feed alligators
because after this they lose their fear for humans or even associate humans with food.


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