President Obama helped a fainting woman during a press conference


Karmel Allison, from San Diego, was invited to this press conference by the American Diabetic Association to give her the chance to expose her problem, after she posted, on October 7, on a blog, a text entitled “What Obamacare Feels Like To A Diabetic.” In fact, before the Affordable Care Act, she had many problems with the insurance companies which always answered: “Why would we cover a Type 1 diabetic? There is no obligation for us to do that for anything remotely close to affordable.”
This short incident during the press conference at the White House, filmed by media and posted online, became viral.
A few hours after the embarrassing moment, Allison tweeted: “I’m ok world – just got a little lightheaded. Thanks, @BarackObama for catching me.” The President himself topped with elegance and discretion the interruption of his press conference saying at the scene: “This is what happens when I talk too much.”


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