Firefighter who ran over a survivor of the Asiana Airlines crash won’t face charges


After intensive investigation it was determined that the firefighter that ran over Ye Meng Yuan did it by accident. This was also shown by many reports and recorded videos from the accident.

Ye Meng Yuan survived the crash of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that happened on July 6, 2013. The plane caught fire after landing hard on the runway. The girl was still alive on the tarmac but because she was covered in foam by the aircraft rescue firefighting truck that came to the rescue the firefighter that was driving the ARFF couldn't see her and thus couldn't avoid the tragic accident.

The girl died from "multiple blunt injuries" only minutes after she was flung from the burning plane in the crash.

Stephen Wagstaffe, District Attorney of the San Mateo County, had the following to say to the press: "tragic accident that did not involve any violation of our criminal laws".


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