The President Obama expressed optimism after the government crisis final


“There is no good reason why we can’t govern responsibly, despite our differences, without lurching from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis” said Obama.
As in the previous statement issued a day ago from the White House by his spokesman, the President  appreciated there is no winner in this crisis. He enumerated , in brief, the principal goals in the actual agenda: a long-term budget that preserves essential programs, a new farm bill and a  bill to fix a “broken” immigration system. In an optimistic vision, the President hopes all that can be achieved by the end of this year. He even said that politics in Washington “has to change.”
In an interview, President Obama said that he believes the Republicans got the message and they are not going to try this again. Commentators sustain however that is only a delay, and in January and February the dispute will escalate again because this is about political and economical interests.


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