The American federal government will reopen, the Senate decided


“The compromise we reached will provide our economy with the stability it desperately needs” said Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader. At the same time, the White House spokesman Jay Carney communicated that president Obama “looks forward to Congress acting so that he can sign legislation that will reopen the government and remove this threat from our economy.”
What was decided now is a stopgap measure with many major aspects: that funds the government through January 15 and imposes a suspension of the debt ceiling until February 7.
Negotiations are ongoing. By December 13, recommendations must be issued for deficit reduction and for longer-term spending levels.
“There are not winners here.(…) American people have paid a price for what happened. And the economy has suffered because of it, and it was wholly unnecessary” is the message from the White House transmitted by the spokesman Jay Carney.


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