The new US $100 bill makes its debut


However, it was a long way to prepare this moment, delayed for about two years from the initial announcement. During this interval, the bill creased several times during printing, because the new sophisticated appearance of the ink created technical problems.
The new design of the $100 bill was unveiled in 2010. The last redesign of the $100 bill began circulating in March 2006. The $100 bill is the second most common bill in circulation in the US. The cost to produce the new $100 bill is 7.8 cents. The only supplier of currency paper to the US Treasury since 1879 is the Crane & Co based on Dalton company. As it is known at this time, around 25% of $100 bills are located outside the US.
The old $100 bill will be progressively returned to the Federal Reserve to be destroyed in the years to come.


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