California school issues apologies for asking student to remove NRA t-shirt


Haley Bullwinkle was in such a hurry that day that she just put on the first shirt she could grab. The shirt promotes the "National Rifle Association of America" by showing a photo of the American Flag and one of a hunter. One the shirt the following text is also written: "Protecting America’s Traditions Since 1871".

Haley didn't have anything else to wear at school that day. The school provided a top which the girl wore on top of her T-Shirt for the remaining of the school day. But the whole incident shocked her. Her parents were of course outraged by what happened. Jed Bullwinkle, the girl's father, got that NRA shirt after joining NRA. Feeling that the school has violated his daughter's First Amendment rights he went and complained about the school policy. When the school was later contacted by the media they issued an apology and said their guards will be trained so that situations like this one never happen again.


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