A disturbed man attacked many people with scissors in a NYC park


The disturbed man was finally stopped by a passerby, when Graham attacked a father and his young son. Thomas Ciriacks didn’t want however to be considered a hero. He said “I just want to help people.” The victims are expected to survive the attack (including the female victim that is currently in a very bad condition). They were taken to the St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. After their quick response, policemen didn’t wait for the ambulance and got all the victims in the police car to the hospital.
Police brought Julius Graham of Texas, 43 old, to the Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.
Public reactions appeared after this incident. ”Over the last five weeks alone, there have been four violent incidents in city parks” said Geoffrey Croft, director of parks promotions group NYC Park Advocates. The Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said however: “Parks are very, very safe.”


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