A gang of bikers attacked a car driver and beat him in New York City


They began hitting it and spiking the tires. The car’s owner attempted to escape but this determined to hot three more bikers, one of them seriously injured. After a 5 minute being chased by the bikers and because the tires were damaged, the driver stopped the car and then the “Hollywood Stunz” members beat him, slashing him in the face with a knife. When the cops reached the scene, the bikers had driven off and the victim was face-down on the pavement. A witness said that “he was conscious but couldn’t move at all.” The group of bikers was on the way to attempt a rally for stunt drivers.
The driver, Alexian Lien, of Manhattan, 33 years old, a graduate of Columbia University, director of the e-commerce firm Skrill.com, was in the car with his wife and his 2-year old daughter. He was treated at Columbia University Medical Center for multiple injuries, including slashes to his face.
Police confiscated 55 motorcycles and issued 68 summonses to the bikers. Police said Lien is not expected to be charged.


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