“Krokodil” drug was now found in the US


“This is really frightening. Is something we hoped would never make it to the US because it’s so detrimental to the people who use it”, said Dr. Aaron Skolnik, a toxicologist at Banner Good Samaritan Poison and Drug Information Center.
Statistically registered, in 2010 a million people used Krokodil in Russia. The drug first appeared in Siberia and then has spread throughout the country.
American scientists doubted Krokodil would reach the United States but the reality is different. As the specialists at narconon.org say, “Krokodil sets a new standard for the fast destruction of mind, spirit and body.” It takes about a half hour to make the drug and the high state of mind lasts for 90 minutes or up to two hours. It is common to develop severe tissue damage, phlebitis and gangrene requiring amputation. More, this is the strongest known level of addiction to cure. The life expectancy for current users is two to three years.


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