A “sexist” male gorilla will be moved from the Dallas Zoo


This decision is the last step after previously trying to help the sexist gorilla. Patrick was missing already its lost gorilla friend Jabari, which was shot to death by Dallas police because it escaped from the Zoo and injured three people.
At the Dallas Zoo, in the place of Patrick will remain two new male gorillas picked from Calgary. Patrick was, however, very popular with the staff of the Dallas Zoo and he never had behavior problems with humans. “We’ve made a colossal effort to work with him, declared to journalists Lynn Kramer, Dallas Zoo deputy director.
If an explanation for Patrick’s behavior can be found, it is probably in the fact that it was neglected by its mother when it was small. It is more socialized to people than to gorillas. Patrick was born at the Bronx Zoo in 1990. It was always appreciated by Dallas Zoo visitors as “beautiful and smart.”


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