Alaska dividends will be distributed soon


People of all ages, from 108 to one year old, will receive this amount money in 2013 by check or direct transfer. Most of them allocated part of their dividend to charitable causes.
Dividends are calculated as a five years state’s profit average. For this year, the recession of 2009 is included for the last time.
The total value distributed to a single person from 1982 to present was $35,143.
According to statistic polls, people have used dividend money to pay debts or college taxes, to travel, to buy toys or clothes and even to buy snowmobiles. Alaska has no state income tax but life is not easy for its residents. As a significant example, diesel fuel is currently $6,50 per gallon. Massive snow levels are frequent. However, some Alaskan people say that receiving “it’s just fun money” for them, and they enjoy it.


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