Bill Gates is again the richest American on top of Forbes list


The majority (414) members of the list have their wealth growing. This year’s list has 20 newcomers. There are 32 professional sports teams owners on the Forbes list this year and 14 of them are NFL owners. The richest person involved in sports is Phil Knight, the chairman of Nike, the 24th richest American. His fortune is $16.3 billion. The richest woman in the world is Christy Walton. Her fortune was inherited when her husband, John Walton, died in a plane crash 8 years ago. The four founders of Wall Mart are on the list from the sixth to ninth spots. Their average fortune is $34 billion. Michael Bloomberg, the New York City Mayor, is the world’s richest mayor, with $31 billion. He is the tenth in this famous list. Mark Zuckeberg, Facebook CEO, is now in the top 20.


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