Democrats back bill to raise minimum wage in California to $10 by 2016


The minimum wage record will gradually be overtaken by states like Washington where workers have a minimum wage of $9.19 per hour. California's minimum wage which is currently at $8 per hour would be increased in two increments of $1: one in July 2014 and the next one in January 2016 if the bill passes.

The bill surfaced soon after the recent fast food industry strikes. The working class sees the bill as a recession stimulus for the economy and as a reward for hardworking Californians. Unfortunately not everybody likes the idea of having a higher minimum wage. Republican lawmakers were amongst the first to oppose it saying such a drastic increase would actually hurt businesses altogether in such a way that some might even cut jobs. Different industry associations also manifested their dislike regarding this new bill.

The California Restaurant Association sees it as a "blow to small businesses" and the California Chamber of Commerce as a real "job killer". While people and businesses have mixed opinions bill AB 10, considered by the working class as an overdue piece of legislation, is nothing more than the result of a year-long campaign held by workers and unions.


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