Michelle Obama is an activist for a healthier life


“Water can give you more energy, so you can do more, longer, with better focus” said to the students Kelli Stader, nutrition coordinator with the Chronic Disease Prevention Unit of the Wisconsin Division of Public Health.
“It’s a great honor for our city” said the Watertown Major John David, expressing the special sentiment to host such an important manifestation. The “Drink Up” logo will appear on 300 million packs of bottled water and more than a half billion bottles of water. It will be already exposed on public drinking stations all around America. The campaign is supported by the American Beverage Association of the makers of soft drinks, sport drinks, juices and bottled water , by the International Bottled Water Association and many others.
In her speech at Watertown High School, Michelle Obama introduced details about the Presidential family, talking about seeing improvement in her daughter’s health after pushing them to drink more water.
The first lady was accompanied by actress Eva Longoria.They have been meeting with around 1,500 students. They all raised water bottles demonstrating the acceptance of this truth for a healthy life.


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