A 22-year-old Montana woman killed her husband after 8 days of marriage


This happened on July 7 and at that time the woman told to the police that her husband informed her he was going for a drive in a dark colored vehicle with his friends. After some days, on July 11, Jordan called emergency dispatches at Glacier National Park and revealed that she lied in her first declaration. She declared now that she pushed her new husband with both her hands sending him to an immediate death. The night of July 7, the couple drove to the Glacier and walked around, finally into an area where the terrain was very steep. They had and intensified argument and this was how the attack happened.
As the investigation found, after a year of dating and their marriage on June 29, the new bride told a friend that she had a change of heart about marrying Cody Johnson. Now, it was revealed that Graham sobbed before the wedding ceremony. Other information comes from the Cody’s group of friends. They said that they warned him not to marry. “Their interaction with each other didn’t seem like a happy, loving relationship that would normally see. She was very distant and reserved” affirmed one of them, Cameron Fredrickson.
Cody Johnson worked on Nomad Global Communication Solutions in Kalispell. Graham worked as a nanny.


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